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Version 6.0.0 of LoTGD Core (Updated 26/05/2021)

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I am preparing the next version of LoTGD Core. This next version is a major release with a lot of BC (Break Changes) everything in this version is a BC 😆.

The next version 6.0.0 is a Symfony App Bundle (planning to create LoTGD Core as Bundle in future versions).

The intention of this first big change to Symfony App Bundle is a simple transition, just change what is necessary, to make this first transition not too complicated.

The following versions will be changing and modifying certain things, to make LoTGD Core a Bundle that serves as a base to create your own web game.


Version Symfony App is frozen, a smoother and stepwise migration from version 5.1.0 is going to be done.

This way you can migrate all content and modules in a simpler way.

The version in which LoTGD Core is a Symfony App will not be version 6.0.0.

This is an image of the new administration panel for LoTGD Core, remember that it is not finished yet and some things are still missing:

New Admin Panel of LoTGD Core



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  • IDMarinas changed the title to Preparing version 6.0.0 of LoTGD Core (Updated 27/04/2021)
  • IDMarinas changed the title to Version 6.0.0 of LoTGD Core (Updated 26/05/2021)

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